About Laos

Laos is a small, landlocked developing Country in Southeast Asia with 6 million people. It  has a diverse population of more than 70 different ethnic minority groups.  Infrastructure, paved roads and education are slowly being developed as the government struggles with economics.


The climate is considered tropical with great variables from North to South, through two huge mountain ranges, lush, dense forests, rivers, waterfalls and fertile valleys. The Mekong River flows the length of the country making it the western border with Thailand.  Small groups of wild elephants still roam freely in select provincial forests.

Rice farming and fishing continue to be life supporting.  Sticky (glutinous) rice is a favored food staple enjoyed with a hot and spicy chili sauce.  Although a family‚Äôs average yearly income is under $500.00, Laotian people are happy, patient and hopeful.