Indigo Threads believes we can have a more peaceful universe, despite our differences, with a more equal distribution of economic wealth throughout the  world.  As Founder, President and Director of Indigo Threads, I am passionate about our social and ethical responsibility to help educate children in poor countries.  Through education children can look forward to a dignified future for themselves, their families and their nation.  Education is a gift in developing countries.

Your donations are vital to continue and expand Indigo Threads ambitious Southern Laos Programs.  Greater purchasing power in Laos allows us to purchase more for less in comparison to developed countries.  Local merchants and farmers fulfill our supply needs to operate Indigo Threads programs.

Update September 2012:  The US dollar exchange rate to Lao kip remains discounted at 20%.  This means for every $100.00 exchanged, we loose $20.00.  Certainly has made havoc of our fugal budget for the past 3 years.

$25.00      Allows us to purchase 3 school uniforms OR school supplies for 13 students.      

$50.00       Allows us to purchase 200 lbs. of rice OR 25 textbooks.

$l00.00       Allows us to purchase 4 Laos style bench/table school desks for 3 students.      

$225.00      Allow us to provide nutritious school lunches for 800 rural poor students per day, including food, labor and transportation.

$550.00      Provides a Teachers' Training College scholarship for one year.                         

Please make a donation at a level that is comfortable for you.

We are grateful for your appreciated and essential donations, in any amount.

On behalf of our Laotian students, their families and Indigo Threads we thank you for your caring generous support.

If you would like to receive a personal acknowledgment  from 'Grandmother Falang', Mary, and an updated progress report, please provide the information below and send.


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