Happy Chinese & Vietnamese New Year

February 16, 2007


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Happy Chinese and Vietnamese New Year.  The Tet Festival, Lunar New Year, is celebrated, February 18th, this year.  It is the most important festival of the year.  Tet is a time when families reunite with hope for good fortune in the coming year, family spirits are welcomed back and loose ends are tied up.  Like the International New Year, it is a time for new beginnings and renewed commitments.

The Tet Festival is celebrated in Laos because of the close location of China and Vietnam.  Many citizens are of Chinese or Vietnamese heritage.  Although Tet  is not a Laos public holiday, Laotian people love a good party.  Festivals are the base for social gatherings.

Pi Mai, the Lao Lunar New Year Festival is April 14, 15 and 16.  It is a huge public holiday often celebrated for a week.  One of the aspects of Pi Mai is spiritual cleansing.  When the festival arrives I will tell you more about this important Lao festivel.

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