July 29, 2007

Miss Moomanee completed her studies and received her teaching certificate from the Pakse Teacher’s Training College on June 29, 2007.  She is one of three students INDIGO THREADS supports with a scholarship at the Teacher’s Training College. She is the first to receive her teaching certificate. The scholarship program provides text books, school supplies, tuition and dormitory facilities.  On request, assistance with uniforms are part of the program. Several times during the school year we meet with each student reviewing their grades and any other concerns. These students are a long distance from their home villages, without family support.  As with all programs, INDIGO THREADS provides personal support and one on one communication with all recipients.   The students are selected from the Pakse Ethnic High School.  The rural Provincial Education Departments in Southern Laos selects ethnic students from their Districts who have proven to be serious students with good grades to attend this high school. It is INDIGO THREADS intent to promote rural education by providing teachers to teach students in these remote areas.  Rural teachers are often required to teach multi level classes.   

Miss Moomanee will be returning to her remote village near the Cambodian border to teach primary school.  She has many siblings and will be an inspiration for all of them.  As she is the first person in her village to attend college, her parents and village are very proud.

The teaching program was a one year course.  Along with her classroom studies, receiving a grade B, she practiced teaching at a nearby primary school. This program will change to a 2 year education program this year.


She is known as Miss Moom, 20 years old, Oy minority ethnicity and a beautiful young woman inside and out. She is looking forward to making a difference in her village by making education a priority to parents and their children.

INDIGO THREADS honored Miss Moom at a recent luncheon at our favorite floating restaurant on the Mekong River.  Her two friends, also receiving their certificates for the 3 year secondary school teaching program, celebrated with excellent seafood and many laughs recounting life on campus. 

Congratulations and good luck, Miss Moomanee.


Remember, to be the very best teacher you can be.


Grandmother Fa-long is proud of you.

INDIGO THREADS Teacher’s Training Scholarship Program is in great need of support to continue funding the recipients for the 2007-2008 school year and award new scholarships.   You may make a donation on our web-site through Pay Pal or mail your check to Indigo Threads, P.O., Box 40l, La Quinta, Ca. 92247.

For more information contact
Mary D. Meyer/President-Director


For more information, please contact Mary D. Meyer--Indigo Threads/President-Director.

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