May 3, 2007

Miss Monivan, head teacher at one of Indigo Threads assisted schools, was hurt in a motor bike accident.  She hit a pig crossing the road.  The pig is dead.  We are happy to report Miss Monivan is back at school after recovering at home for a few days.

Baby Muet was badly burned   The two year old turned a boiling pot of soup over.  His blistered hand needed medical attention. His mother was convinced to bring the baby and come with  us to the Provincial Hospital.  Mother and son spent the night at the hospital.  He was released, today, with several medications to help the healing.  Indigo Threads paid for all expenses.  The cost was less than $30.00 for treatment and one night in the hospital.

The construction of Indigo Threads first school building has broken ground.  The three classroom school is projected to be completed by early July 2007.  The rainy season is just around the corner.  We anticipate the roof will be completed before then, we hope.

Indigo Threads Education Support Lunch Program will finish for this school year on 
May 11.  We have cooked, transported and served 1,200 school lunch per week for two schools.  Our food costs remain at $23.00 per day for a nutritious lunch.  We are looking forward to continuing this program for the 2007-2008 school term, and perhaps expanding the program.

For more information, please contact Mary D. Meyer--President/Director.

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